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Tiramisu layers of Espresso-soaked Genoise, Mascarpone filling, Cocoa


Guava Chiffon Cake layered with Sweetened Whipped Cream



Carrot Cake baked with Walnuts, layered with a light Cream Cheese filling



New York Style Cheesecake accented with Lemon Zest, Graham or Chocolate Crust


Almond Butter Cake filled with Raspberry Preserves and Amaretto Buttercream


Banana Cake filled with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting



White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Yellow Genoise, White Chocolate Mousse, Fresh Raspberries



Diplomat Yellow Genoise, Fresh Strawberries, lightened Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream


Chocolate Trio Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake, White Chocolate Mousse and Milk Chocolate Mousse


Vanilla Butter Cake layered with Raspberry Preserves, Sweetened Whipped Cream


Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Fresh Raspberries


Toasted Hazelnut Cake filled with Framboise accented Whipped Cream, Fresh Raspberries


Caramelia Chocolate Butter Cake, Caramel Buttercream, Dark Chocolate Ganache


Lemon Butter Cake layered with Fresh Lemon Cream



*Dolce will accomodate special flavor requests

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